Material specification:

E-Glass Fiber


PU-Alufix (G)

Application temperature:

up to 550 °C


200 - 1150 g/m²

Material thickness:

0.2 - 1.6 mm

E-glass fabrics with a PU coating (polyurethane / PU-Alufix) have increased cut and sliding resistance and generally have good stability. Typical applications for these fabrics are thermal insulation systems and use as welding blankets and welding curtains as well as large-area heat protection tarpaulins. These fabrics are best suited for applications with increased mechanical stress, for protection against sparks, welding spatter and flames.

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(up to 550 °C)

Technical Specifications

Material specification:E-Glass fabric, made of smooth or air-textured yarns
Application temperature:up to 550 °C
Application limit temperature:approx. 600 °C
Manufacturing qualities:200 - 1150 g/m²
Material thickness:0.2 - 1.6 mm
Manufacturing widths:1000 - 2000 mm
Coating:Polyurethane with aluminum pigments (PU-Alufix), 1- or 2-sided
Stocked qualities:200 - 1150 g/m²
Colour:Aluminium gray matt

Technical Characteristics

  • Temperature resistance up to 550 °C, short term until 600 °C
  • Increased cut, slide and abrasion resistance
  • Good resistance to flames and sparks
  • Low basis weight
  • Solvent and halogen free
  • Absolutely harmless to health, not subject to classification (NOT a hazardous substance)

Application Examples

  • Welding blankets up to 600 °C
  • Smoke curtains, Fire curtains
  • Generally as protective fabric for flames and sparks
  • Thermal insulation jackets and covers
  • Passive fire protection (PFP)