E-glass fabric / PVC

Application Temperature:

600 °C


ISO 25980 / EN 1598 /
EN 13501, A2

PVC colors:

red or green

Our welding protection curtains with integrated PVC vision panels provide excellent protection for welders and other workers working near welding operations. Made from high-quality, non-flammable fabrics, these curtains offer reliable protection against flying sparks and welding spatter. The welding curtains are available in custom sizes and styles to meet the needs of your work environment.

An important feature of our welding protection curtains is the viewing window made of welding protection PVC, which is certified according to ISO 25980 and EN 1598, which allows a clear view of the working environment, inwards or outwards, without compromising safety.

The welding safety curtains are easy to install and can be assembled quickly and easily to create a protective barrier between the welding operation and other areas of your work environment. For assembly, the welding protection curtains are equipped with brass eyelets ready for assembly. Our welding curtains are the perfect choice for any work environment where welding is performed. They offer reliable protection and a clear view of the work environment to ensure the safety of your employees.

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Welding protection curtain with PVC viewing window

(up to 600 °C)

Technical Specifications

Material specification:E-Glass fiber fabric with PVC viewing window
Application temperature:up to 600 °C
Certifications:ISO 25980 / EN 1598 / EN 13501, A2
Coating (fabric):PU Alufix
Dimensions:According to customer specifications
PVC variants:red or green (transparent)
Versions:Eyelets on one side (top) or on several sides

Technical Characteristics

  • PVC viewing window according to ISO 25980 and EN 1598
  • Fabric according to EN 13501, A2
  • Made from non-flammable fabric
  • Resistant to flying sparks and welding spatter
  • Suitable for body work stations in the automotive sector
  • Good mechanical strength
  • Delivered ready for assembly
  • Absolutely harmless to health, not subject to classification (NOT a hazardous substance)

Application Examples

  • Welding protection curtain for car body work stations
  • Protection of people and work areas from flying sparks and weld spatter during welding work in workshops and factories
  • Separation of welding work areas and other areas in production environments to protect employees from hazards
  • Creation of private workspaces for welders to minimize distraction of other employees and promote concentration
  • Protection of machinery and equipment from flying sparks and weld spatter when welding nearby
  • Protection of visitors and pedestrians near welding work areas in public buildings such as shopping malls, schools and hospitals