Insulating sleeves / insulating hoods


Insulation and heat shielding

Application Temperature:

up to 1200 °C

Our high temperature resistant insulating sleeves are ideal for industrial applications in the high temperature range up to 1200°C. The insulating sleeves are custom-made and can be manufactured in various sizes and designs.

The insulating sleeves are made of high-quality, heat-resistant material and have a special insulating layer to achieve a high level of insulation or to effectively protect components from heat sources and high temperatures. The robust construction of the insulating sleeves also allows them to be used in mechanically stressed applications.

The insulating sleeves are particularly easy to install and remove and therefore offer a cost-effective solution for the protection of machine and plant components in industrial furnaces and high-temperature plants. They can also be used in areas where spot isolation is required.

The insulating sleeves offer excellent thermal insulation and significantly reduce heat loss. This leads to higher energy efficiency and cost savings in industry. The insulating sleeves are also highly resistant to chemicals and moisture, further enhancing their lifespan and performance.

Our high-temperature resistant insulating sleeves are used in various industries such as petrochemical, chemical, power generation, foundry and metallurgical plants, food processing and many other applications where reliable insulation at high temperatures is required.

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Insulating sleeves and insulating hoods

(up to 1200 °C)

Due to the choice of different and high-quality materials, with different compositions and coatings, the performance properties in terms of mechanical strength, oil and chemical resistance, weather resistance, water and gas tightness as well as the temperature resistance of the insulating sleeves and hoods can be specifically influenced and individually optimized.

Technical Specifications

Material:Glass fiber materials with various coatings
Application temperature:up to 1200 °C
Coatings:Polyurethane, Silicones, PTFE, Aluminum Foil, HT Finish, WB, HTLE
Versions:Customer-specific and project-related

Technical Characteristics

  • Temperature resistance up to 1200 °C
  • Customization in various sizes and designs
  • Excellent thermal insulation and reduction of heat loss
  • Robust construction for mechanically stressed applications
  • Easy installation and removal
  • Resistant to chemicals and moisture
  • Cost-effective solution for protecting machines, components, electronics and other plant components
  • Increased energy efficiency and cost savings in industry
  • Our materials are absolutely harmless to health (NO hazardous substances!)

Application Examples

Insulating sleeves and insulating hoods can be designed in such a way that they can be retrofitted to existing machines and systems.

  • Insulation of machines, systems, components and pipelines
  • Protective insulation for system components