Pipe insulation


Insulation and heat shielding

Application Temperature:

up to 1200 °C

Our custom-made pipe insulations offer an optimal solution for the thermal insulation of pipes in various branches of industry. We only use high-quality, temperature-resistant fabrics such as E-glass fiber or silicate fiber with different coatings to ensure excellent insulation performance and a long service life. Our pipe insulations are specially tailored to the requirements of our customers and can be manufactured in various sizes and designs.

Our pipe insulation made of temperature-resistant fabrics is designed for use in high-temperature environments. They offer excellent thermal insulation and reduce heat loss, resulting in higher energy efficiency and cost savings.

Our pipe insulation made of temperature-resistant fabrics is very robust and can withstand mechanical loads. They provide reliable protection for pipelines and reduce the risk of damage and breakdowns in process plants.

We offer customized solutions for every application. Our pipe insulation can be manufactured in different sizes and designs and is suitable for different pipe diameters. We also take into account the specific needs of our customers, such as the need for access points for inspection or maintenance work.

Our pipe insulation is resistant to chemicals and moisture. They can be used in aggressive environments without compromising their performance.

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Pipe insulation / pipe sleeves

(up to 1200 °C)

Due to the choice of different and high-quality materials with different compositions and coatings, the performance properties in terms of mechanical strength, oil and chemical resistance, weather resistance, water and gas tightness as well as the temperature resistance of the insulation systems can be specifically influenced and individually optimized.

Technical Specifications

Material:Glass fiber materials with various coatings
Application temperature:up to 1200 °C
Coatings:Polyurethane, Silicones, PTFE, Aluminum Foil, HT Finish, WB, HTLE
Versions:Customer-specific and project-related

Technical Characteristics

  • Temperature resistance up to 1200 °C
  • Customized packaging according to customer requirements
  • High thermal insulation performance and energy efficiency
  • High mechanical strength and resistance to chemical influences
  • Effective insulation of pipes and fittings from heat and cold
  • Fireproof and non-combustible
  • Simple assembly and disassembly, even by untrained personnel
  • Our materials are absolutely harmless to health (NO hazardous substances!)

Application Examples

  • Power Generation: Insulation for piping, valves and fittings in power plants and other power plants
  • Chemical industry
  • Heating, air conditioning and ventilation technology: Insulation for heating and air conditioning ducts to minimize heat loss and increase energy efficiency
  • Marine industry: Insulation for pipes, tanks and machine components on ships to increase safety and efficiency