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Application temperature:

up to 1200 °C

The thermoFLEX® high-temperature adhesive was specially developed for use in connection with numerous high-temperature thermal insulation products. Glue is used to bond mats, papers, felts, panels and modules to various metallic surfaces or to refractory linings. ThermoFLEX® high-temperature adhesive is an air-drying adhesive for use up to 1200°C, based on a mixture of inorganic chemicals. This allows numerous fiber products to be bonded to ceramic and metal surfaces. The high-temperature adhesive is ready to use and can be applied with a trowel or brush. The drying time depends on the ambient temperature.

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High temperature glue

(up to 1200 °C)

Technical Specifications

Consumption (kg/m²):approx. 1.5
Application temperature:up to 1200 °C
Delivery condition:ready to use
Durability:approx. 9 months with prescribed storage

Technical Characteristics

  • High temperature resistance
  • Very good homogeneity
  • Easy to apply
  • Good durability

Application Examples

  • Bonding of fiber modules with different substrates
  • Gluing fiber mats to aluminum foil
  • Mortar for refractory bricks