Our fire protection bags for lithium batteries have been developed to meet the highest safety standards when transporting, storing and recycling lithium batteries. Lithium batteries are widely used in many electronic devices, but they also pose some risk, especially if damaged or mishandled. Our fire protection bags offer reliable protection against potential dangers. Through individual and customer-specific designs, we can optimally adapt and optimize the performance of our fire protection bags for lithium batteries to the requirements of our customers.

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FIRETEX® Fire Protection Bags

Technical Specifications

Application description : Transport, storage and recycling of lithium batteries
Dimensions : Individually according to customer specifications
Reusability:Depending on the fire load, the products can be reused

Technical Characteristics

  • High-quality materials: Our fire protection bags are made of special materials that are heat-resistant and flame-retardant. This ensures protection against overheating and fires.
  • Robust construction: The fire protection bags are made from durable materials, certain constructions can also absorb shocks to avoid damage.
  • Versatile sizes: We offer the option of adaptable sizes to accommodate lithium batteries and devices of different capacities.
  • Easy transport and storage: The fire protection bags are flexible and foldable and can therefore be stored and transported to save space. This allows for low effort in a circulation economy such as retail.
  • Environmentally friendly: The fire protection bags are reusable and contribute to the safe storage and disposal of lithium batteries.