E-glass fiber

Application temperature:

up to 550 °C

Stitch-bonded mats are manufactured from high-quality E-glass fibers using a special process, purely mechanically, without the addition of binding agents. In addition, they are interwoven with a glass filament yarn, which gives the mats a particularly high level of strength. The additional penetration ensures a significant improvement in the insulation properties.

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isoFLEX® 600 - Stitch-bonded needle mats

(E-glass fiber - up to 550 °C)

isoFLEX® 600 stitch-bonded mats are made from mechanically needled E-glass fibers without the addition of binders, with a filament diameter ≥ 6 µm and are characterized by high thermal resilience and excellent electrical insulation properties.

Technical Specifications

Designation:isoFLEX® 600 - Stitch-bonded needle mats
Material:E-glass fiber
Application temperature:up to 550 °C
Thickness:4 - 12 mm
Standard width:1000 mm
Basis weight:800 g/m² - 2900 g/m²
Density:160 kg/m³ - 250 kg/m³
Additional Equipment:Self-adhesive foil (SK), Aluminum foil (A), Stainless steel foil (VA)

Thermal conductivity

Mean temperature (°C) 50 °C 100 °C 200 °C 300 °C 400 °C 500 °C
Thermal conductivity (W/m°K)
Density 160 kg/m³
0.041 0.046 0.060 0.078 0.100 0.125

Technical Characteristics

  • Shipbuilding Approval (MED) for raw materials
  • Fire classification A1 according to DIN EN 13501-1:2010-01 for raw materials
  • Excellent insulating ability
  • Non-flammable
  • Vibration resistant
  • Ecologically harmless, recyclable
  • Free of solvents, binders and halogens
  • Absolutely harmless to health, not subject to classification (NO hazardous substance)

Application examples

  • Insulation of turbines
  • Insulation of engine compartment and floor in vehicle construction
  • Insulation of pipes, walls and ceilings in shipbuilding
  • Wagon building
  • Thermal insulation in construction
  • Thermal insulation in the manufacture of household appliances