Material Specification:

Ceramic Fiber


Glass or Inconel

Application Temperature:

up to 1260°C

Ceramic fibers are also known as ASW (Aluminium Silicate Wool) or RCF (Refractory Ceramic Fiber) fibers and are woven into high-quality ceramic fabrics made from staple fibers with glass or Inconel reinforcement. Ceramic fabrics have excellent thermal shock resistance and are suitable for permanent high-temperature use under the most difficult conditions.

GHS Gefahrensymbol Keramikfaser
GHS 08

More details

Ceramic Fiber Fabric

(up to 1260°C)

Material specification:Ceramic Fiber
Reinforcement:Glass or Inconel reinforced
Application temperature:up to 1260°C
Melting temperature:approx. 1700°C
Material thickness:2.0 - 3.0 mm
Standard width:1000 mm
Versions:Made of specially air-textured staple fibre
Presentation:Roll goods

Technical Properties

  • Extremely high thermal resistance up to 1260°C
  • Melting point of the ceramic fiber is approx. 1700°C
  • Good chemical resistance (except for alkalis, hydrofluoric and phosphoric acid)
  • Excellent thermal shock resistance
  • Ceramic fiber materials have been classified as carcinogenic (GHS 08)

Areas of Application

  • Fire barrier
  • Electric Isolation
  • Thermal insulation