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Material specification:



Both sided HT-1100

Material thickness:

2.0 mm

Application temperature:

up to 1100 °C

The fireTEX® welding blanket type 1100.HT made of HT glass fiber is a robust and high-temperature-resistant welding blanket and offers the best price-performance ratio. The two-sided HT-1100 coating makes the material extremely temperature-resistant and mechanically highly resilient. Suitable as a vertical and horizontal welding blanket, resistant to welding spatter, flying sparks and flames, resistant to cuts, sliding and abrasion. Blankets are available in standard and special formats as well as in rolls.

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Welding Blanket Typ 1100.HT

(up to 1100 °C)

Technical Specifications

Material specification:HT-Glass Fiber
Application temperature:up to 1100 °C
Finish:HT-1100 anti-weld finish on both sides
Material thickness:2.0 mm
Basis weight:approx. 1200 g/m²
Standard fabric width:1000 mm, 2000 mm
Versions:Rolls, blankets with hemmed edges

Technical Characteristics

  • Application temperature up to 1100 °C
  • MED shipbuilding approval
  • High thermal resistance
  • Resistant to spatter, sparks and flames
  • Solvent and halogen free
  • Absolutely harmless to health, not subject to classification (NOT a hazardous substance)

Application Examples

  • Welding blanket, heat protection blanket
  • Welding curtain, heat protection curtain, flame retardant curtain

Blanket Dimensions

Other versions and dimensions on request.

Dimensions Material thickness Weight Version Order Number
mm mm kg/pc - -
1000 x 50000 mm2.0 mm60.00 kgRolls211000-010-500
2000 x 50000 mm2.0 mm120.00 kgRolls211000-020-500
1000 x 1000 mm2.0 mm1.20 kgHemmed edges all around211002-010-010
1000 x 1500 mm2.0 mm1.80 kgHemmed edges all around211002-010-015
1000 x 2000 mm2.0 mm2.40 kgHemmed edges all around211002-010-020
1000 x 3000 mm2.0 mm3.60 kgHemmed edges all around211002-010-030
1600 x 2000 mm2.0 mm3.84 kgHemmed edges all around211002-016-020
2000 x 2000 mm2.0 mm4.80 kgHemmed edges all around211002-020-020
2000 x 3000 mm2.0 mm7.20 kgHemmed edges all around211002-020-030
2000 x 4000 mm2.0 mm9.60 kgHemmed edges all around211002-020-040
3000 x 3000 mm2.0 mm10.80 kgHemmed edges all around211002-030-030
3000 x 4000 mm2.0 mm14.40 kgHemmed edges all around211002-030-040
3000 x 5000 mm2.0 mm18.00 kgHemmed edges all around211002-030-050
3000 x 6000 mm2.0 mm21.60 kgHemmed edges all around211002-030-060
4000 x 4000 mm2.0 mm19.20 kgHemmed edges all around211002-040-040
4000 x 5000 mm2.0 mm24.00 kgHemmed edges all around211002-040-050
4000 x 6000 mm2.0 mm28.80 kgHemmed edges all around211002-040-060
5000 x 5000 mm2.0 mm30.00 kgHemmed edges all around211002-050-050