Material specification:

E-Glass Fabric


PU-Alufix (G2)


1150 g/m²

Material thickness:

1.6 mm

Application temperature:

up to 600 °C

The isoTEX® 620.G2 welding protective blanket and heat protection blanket are made from high-quality, air-texturized E-glass fabric with a double-sided PU coating (PU-Alufix). These welding protective blankets and heat protection blankets are distinguished by their excellent mechanical strength under high thermal loads. The double-sided PU coating ensures improved cut, slide, and abrasion resistance, protecting the material from rapid wear. IsoTEX® 620.G2 welding protective blankets and heat protection blankets are non-flammable and are ideal for applications with higher mechanical requirements. As needed, these blankets can be optionally equipped with eyelets in various diameters. The isoTEX® 620.G2 welding protective blankets and heat protection blankets are available in a variety of standard formats as well as custom special formats and can also be obtained as practical rolls.

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Spark Protection Blanket 620.G2

(up to 600 °C)

Technical Specifications

Material specification:E-Glass Fabric
Application temperature:up to 600 °C
Finish:G2 (both sides PU-Alufix)
Material thickness:1.6 mm
Weight:approx. 1150 g/m²
Colour:aluminum gray matt
Standard fabric width:1000 mm, 2000 mm
Versions:Rolls, blankets with hemmed cutting edges

Technical Characteristics

  • Application temperature up to 600 °C
  • High cut, slide and abrasion resistance
  • Good resistance to flames and flying sparks
  • Very robust material
  • Non-flammable according to DIN 4102
  • Solvent and halogen free
  • Absolutely harmless to health, not subject to classification (NOT a hazardous substance)

Application Examples

  • Welding blanket, spark protection blanket, heat protection blanket up to 600 °C
  • Anti-welding curtain, anti-spark curtain, anti-flame curtain
  • Generally as a protective blanket for flames and sparks up to 600 °C

Product standard variants

Other versions and dimensions on request.

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Widthmm Roll lengthm Weightkg Order Number 1)-
1000 mm 50 m 57,50 kg 206200-010-500
2000 mm 50 m 115,00 kg 206200-020-500

Cutting service: Cuttings in rolls are possible; the minimum order quantity is 5.00 linear meters for cuts.


Dimensionsmm Weightkg Design- Order Number 1)-
1000 x 1000 mm 1,15 kg Blanket, hemmed 206201-010-010
1000 x 1500 mm 1,73 kg Blanket, hemmed 206201-010-015
1000 x 2000 mm 2,30 kg Blanket, hemmed 206201-010-020
1000 x 3000 mm 3,45 kg Blanket, hemmed 206201-010-030
1600 x 2000 mm 3,68 kg Blanket, hemmed 206201-016-020
2000 x 2000 mm 4,60 kg Blanket, hemmed 206201-020-020
2000 x 3000 mm 6,90 kg Blanket, hemmed 206201-020-030
2000 x 4000 mm 9,20 kg Blanket, hemmed 206201-020-040
3000 x 3000 mm 10,35 kg Blanket, hemmed 206201-030-030
3000 x 4000 mm 13,80 kg Blanket, hemmed 206201-030-040
3000 x 5000 mm 17,25 kg Blanket, hemmed 206201-030-050
3000 x 6000 mm 20,70 kg Blanket, hemmed 206201-030-060
4000 x 4000 mm 18,40 kg Blanket, hemmed 206201-040-040
4000 x 5000 mm 23,00 kg Blanket, hemmed 206201-040-050
4000 x 6000 mm 27,60 kg Blanket, hemmed 206201-040-060
5000 x 5000 mm 28,75 kg Blanket, hemmed 206201-050-050

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