Material specification:

Silicate fabric


V4A wire (V4A)

Application temperature:

up to 1100 °C


750 g/m²

The silTEX® silicate fabrics are made from high-quality, thermally preshrunk SiO2 special yarns with a high silicon oxide content. The additional cut-resistant finish and V4A wire reinforcement in the warp and weft directions make the material very hard-wearing. These fabrics have been developed and optimized for the production of high-temperature resistant insulation systems.

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(up to 1100 °C)

Technical Specifications

Material specification:Silicate fabric made of pre-shrunk, smooth and twisted special yarns
Application temperature:up to 1100 °C
Application limit temperature:approx. 1600 °C
Manufacturing qualities:750 g/m²
Manufacturing widths:1000 mm
Reinforcement:V4A wire woven into warp and weft direction
Optinal coating:Both side cut-resistant finish (SF)
Stocked qualities:750 g/m²

Technical Characteristics

  • Extremely high temperature resistance, permanently up to 1100 °C, short term up to 1600 °C
  • Resistant to liquid metal spatter
  • Thermally pre-shrunk, very low residual shrinkage
  • Solvent and halogen free
  • Absolutely harmless to health, not subject to classification (NOT a hazardous substance)

Application Examples

  • For manufacturing of high-temperature-resistant insulation systems
  • Material for customer-specific special assemblies